Spring in Wiltshire during the Covid-19 lockdown

This is my first attempt at a blog so here goes ….

As a photographer, Autumn and Spring are my favourite times of the year with the rich and vibrant colours. Perfect for capturing that ‘moment in time’. We live near Trowbridge and just a short distance away from lots of green, open spaces and many historical places to visit.

This Spring has been slightly different for us humans since 23 March when the Covid-19 lockdown started. The first couple of weeks were very anxious times as we were getting used to the new way of living and not seeing family or friends but we have now got used to it. We have both stayed mainly positive and got started on our ‘to do’ list. I felt very flat on Saturday for no apparent reason but lifted again on Sunday after a great outdoor bike ride (my first proper ride outside since breaking my wrist on 30 January). It was wonderful to be off the turbo.

However, nature has continued uninterrupted starting its new life as the buds have turned into leaves and flowers and the trees are vibrant shades of green. We have been so lucky with the weather during this lockdown period. Mainly glorious cloudless blue skies, warm sunshine and beautiful clear night skies full of stars. The lack of traffic on the road and hardly any aeroplanes in the sky has made the atmosphere seem much cleaner and quieter; it’s almost like Mother Nature is saying a big ‘thank you’ to us for helping her repair.

As we approach our eighth week of lockdown we have had an arctic blast cross over the country plummeting the temperature from 23 degrees to 12 degrees overnight. A bit of a shock to the system! Warmer weather is forecast again later in the week so good news.

A little bit about me. My husband (Steve) and I share our house with three black Labradors, Ella, Lottie and Hetty. I also have a horse, Caddy, who is now retired. I used to event him but nowadays my horsepower is my bike. My husband and I take part in duathlons, triathlons and cycling time trials (my favourite) and have been keeping our exercise regimes going with running and cycling but not the swimming. Unfortunately all the events we had booked in the diary have either been cancelled or postponed so at the current time our first event will take place in August (fingers crossed).

During this lockdown period we have been fortunate enough to be able to go to the livery yard on a daily basis along with our dogs so we’ve been able to walk them around the land and adjoining woodland. We have been treated to a wonderful display from the Bluebells, Wild Orchids, Snakehead Fritillary, Violets, Cowslips and Wild Garlic. My camera (Sony a77 mkII) and iPhone 11Pro have been busy. I’ve noticed how vivid the colours are this year.

Our garden bird feeder has been full of visitors and we’ve also had two baby Robins join the throng. I’m pleased to say that they still visit our garden on a daily basis and it’s such a privilege that they’ve chosen our garden to call ‘home’.

The only other place we have been for dog walking during this time is Erlestoke which is part of Salisbury Plain and my ‘happy place’. We hadn’t been up there since the lockdown until last week when we returned. It was so lovely and really lifted my spirits. You can walk for miles without seeing another person so social distancing isn’t an issue. The sky seems so large and the cloud formations fascinating and hang like huge pieces of cottonwool. As you walk along you can hear the Skylarks singing high above. It’s so peaceful and we are very lucky to have it a short drive away from our house.

I find it very inspiring to be able to photograph such beautiful areas. As part of my photographic business I produce and sell greetings cards for a charity close to my heart http://www.reverserett.org.uk. I now have some new Spring photos to use 🙂

Things I have learnt since lockdown: – I don’t have to race around at a 100 miles an hour as I did before; do grocery shopping once a week; take time to breathe and listen; be thankful what I have; I can bake!

Things I have missed since lockdown: – my family and friends (although Zoom/WhatsApp has helped); my hairdresser!

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